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Friday, June 20, 2014

A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

A Snicker of MagicThis is one spindiddly book, and yes, you will have to read that book to find out what that means!  Once, long ago, the small town of Midnight Gulch was a place of magic.  But a duel between magicians, and more importantly between brothers, broke hearts and spirits, and since then, magic has been hard to come by in the quiet little town.

Twelve year old, Felicity Pickle, her mama, her little sister, and their dog roam and wander the world looking for an adventure.  But now, after years of drifting from place to place, Felicity is ready to settle down, and hope that Midnight Gulch is the home she always imagined.  But can the charm of Midnight Gulch break the wandering curse that has whispered in mama's ear to keep moving, or will Felicity have to come up with her own magic?  With a full cast of quirky characters and great storytellers, Felicity may have to find a small snicker of magic left in not only the town, but herself as well, to have the courage to break free.

Oh, and did I mention that Felicity can see words floating, dancing, streaming through the air and she collects them?  And that there is ice cream in Midnight Gulch that can make you remember events more clearly?  And that murals can move and spring to life?  Nope, no question about it - Midnight Gulch is not your typical small town.  This is a story of loneliness and friendship, magic and music, family and love, and it is worth checking out!

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