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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman

Night of the TwistersTwelve year old Danny Hatch is just a regular, great child.  He likes adventure and makes the most of everything. His good friend, Arthur, gets to come over to his house.  All the busy adults don't notice the severe storm coming.  The children have no idea the severity of it.  This book is based on a night of real tornadoes in Nebraska in 1980. The story takes place on just one day. You know how each chapters are usually named in a book. Well, in this book, the chapters are labeled with the hours before, during and after the tornadoes. One thing that I couldn't believe in this book is that the mother leaves her children to go check on someone else. Dan really listens to his mother and father. He remembers their advice and instructions to assist him and others in surviving.

I did not freak out, but I read this book on the same exact day of the of the anniversary of the tornadoes. I started reading and there was the date.  It was even on the same day of the week. I am not kidding; our towns sirens went off for the monthly practice test.  It is amazing how many connections that you might have to books!

                                                     * 2015 Bluestem Award Nominee *

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