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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ungifted by Gordon Korman

UngiftedDonovan Curtis is a nice guy who just happens to have poor impulse control. He whacks at a huge statue at school. It rolls down a slope and does huge damage to the school.  He gets sent to the office. It is there where his name is placed on a wrong list; the list is for the gifted school.
The gifted school is called the Academy for Scholastic Distinction and his school is called Hardcastle Middle School.
How creative is that?
Each chapter is an "un" word: unfailing, unrockin', unburdened . . .
How creative is that?
How many references to the Wizard of Oz can you formulate?
How creative is that?

Each chapter tells the I.Q. of the person and each chapter gives a different perspective using multiple points of view. Donovan Curtis doesn't fake being gifted. He is almost a hero to the gifted students because he can shine in the robotics class. He even gets to name the robot.

The main theme of the realistic fiction turns out to be tolerance. Donovan assists the "gifted" and "ungifted" in really understanding each other.  Donovan might not be gifted, but he certainly has many gifts.

                                  *    2015 Rebecca Caudill Award Nominee   *

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