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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Melonhead and the We-Fix-It Company by Katy Kelly

Melonhead and the We-Fix-It CompanyMelonhead and best friend Sam star in another adventure when they accidentally (and grossly) discover a tarnish remover. True to form, Adam's mom slips on the concoction and dents the family heirloom teapot. The boys start a fix-it service to earn money to pay for the repairs to the teapot. To further complicate matters, Melonhead’s aunt has promised an amusement park trip if he can stay out of trouble for a month (very impossible for Melonhead to do). The fix-it service has more mishaps than accomplishments, but the boys still manage to earn money in an unexpected fashion by making five different concoctions to help clean or to help get sticky things unstuck! Melonhead’s mom decides not to have the teapot repaired so that a new story can be added to the teapot's history. Melonhead’s friends get to enjoy the fruits of their labor by going to a totally cool amusement park.

The book is entertaining and lively and captures the spirit of boys being boys at its best. (I love when they keep rhyming!) The characters are funny without being sarcastic and they are still creative and inspired by the world around them without having to rely on video games and the like. The boys are surrounded by good friends who all respect each other as well as very positive role models who don't try to squish the boys free spirit!

 Also at the back of the book are the five fix-it mixtures the boys created and sold. Try them out; but make sure you have an adult help you too!

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