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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Stick Dog Chases a Pizza by Tom Watson

Stick Dog Chases a PizzaChicago-based writer, Tom Watson, has tickled the funny bone again with his loveable dog character, Stick Dog and his friends. This is the third book in the series and again the dogs are hungry and after some friend. Not just any food though; it's PIZZA, my FAVORITE FOOD!

The day starts out as a typical one with the friends all hanging out together. Stick Dog suggests they play frisbee and the other dogs go out to search for one because Mutt ate the last frisbee. Along the way, Karen finds a circular object on the ground an brings it to Stick Dog. He starts to sniff it and smells the wonderful aroma of tomato sauce and cheese. The other dogs start to sniff and lick it too and instantly they are all hungry and must search for more of these white circles. Karen leds Stick Dog over to the box which once contained the white circle. Luckily Stick Dog knows how to read so he finds out the name of the pizza place and the address. From then on, the friends come up with one crazier plan than the next to try to get their paws on some pizza.

 I love Stick Dog books. Stick Dog hangs around with some nice dogs, but they are not the brightest bunch. The other dogs always come up with complicated plans or say something silly, but Stick Dog embodies the traits of a true friend. He never makes them feel bad about the dangerously complicated plans they concoct. He calmly redirects their attention and always makes them feel good about themselves. This is definitely an entertaining book that many boys will enjoy. (I'm a girl and I liked it too.)

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