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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wild River by P.J. Petersen

Wild RiverRyan is twelve years old. He really is into video games. Ryan has to look up to his "perfect" older brother, Tanner. Tanner excels in everything: sports, academics, girls... Tanner is even a home-town hero.  Rather than argue, Ryan goes along with Tanner on an overnight kayaking trip. Their mother is concerned, but their parents allow it. What were they thinking?

Tanner assumes he has all the precautions covered. He includes a dry pack and a special kayak. Tanner is the one who gets seriously injured . The river becomes too fast and has too many rocks. Ryan realizes that his first priority is to get his brother out of the very cold water. He tries to use solutions and strategies that he remembers from his video games. He makes himself think no matter how exhausted he becomes. The survival of his brother depends on him. Bears are around and the sun will soon be going down.

This is truly an adventure story. It starts out as quickly as it ends. There are many books with the themes of rivers and the outdoors. Third, fourth and fifth graders won't want to miss this adventure.

        *   2015 Bluestem Award Nominee   *

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