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Friday, November 14, 2014

Calendar Mysteries Series By Ron Roy

Calendar MysteriesQuick! Read November Night.  The mystery takes place the week before Thanksgiving. Bradley and Brian are twins. New neighbors move into the house next door.  It appears as if the neighbors are hiding something because they put a tarp over the beloved tree of the boys. The boys had so many nice adventures playing in the old tree.  They left money and a flashlight in the tree. What are the neighbors doing and how can they sneak into the yard and get the money and flashlight,? They want to figure out a way, but the neighbors' huge dog will only make things harder.

There is a book for every month of the year. December is December Dog. A puppy is found on Christmas Eve and the children know that it is urgent to find the owner because a gift tag is on the collar. January is January Joker. The books in this series all have two words that start with the same letter. You get the idea. These are transitional books by Stepping Stone for children who are ready for chapter books. I will give you another mystery. Can you find the dedication in each book? Clue: they are tiny print near the front of the book.Even the dedications are special.
For example:
This is dedicated to kids who read to other kids.

I dedicate this book to kind children who do nice things for other people.

How special that books are dedicated to children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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