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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Frankenstein Journals: Feet First by Scott Sonneborn

Fourteen-year-old John Doe, J.D. for short, grew up at Mr. Shelly's Orphanage for Lost and Neglected Children.  J.D. has never been adopted as things don't quite match up with him.  In J.D.'s words:

1.  My right eye is blue and my left is green.
2.  I have short fingers on one hand and giant ones on the other.
3.  One leg is longer than the other.
4.  My feet are way too big for my legs (not to mention two completely different sizes!).

The orphanage is closing so J.D. is on his own.  As he is leaving, Mr. Shelly gives him the box J.D. was found in when he was a baby.  Inside was a journal Mr. Shelly had never found.  J.D. finds out from the journal that his father is none other than Frankenstein.  He realizes that is why his body parts are a bit off.  On the front of the journal is an address he decides to visit.  Who should answer the door but the daughter of Dr. Frankenstein, who has changed her name to Fran Kenstein due to all the bad publicity.  J.D. shows the journal to Frank, who happens to be an evil scientist herself.  She runs off to find all the relatives of the people her father used to construct Frankenstein.

The rest of the book tells how J.D. tries to reach his first relative to save him from the plight of Fran and to learn more about himself.  Book 1 of more to come!

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