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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

Space CaseI picked up this book and thought, "Ugh, maybe it will be a good read."  You know what, I'm glad I selected it because it was a great read.  The story takes place on Moon Base Alpha (MBA) in 2041.  Several scientists and their families have been selected to live in a moon colony for the next three years.  People back on Earth consider them rock stars, but the actual reality of living on the moon...well, it kind of sucks.  It's small, uncomfortable, you have to exercise every day or your muscles can turn to mush, and the food is just awful.  But that's not the worst of it; it's BORING if you are a kid living there.  That is until there is a MURDER!!!!

Meet Dash, our 12-year old sleuth.  Dr. Holtz has been found dead on the moon's surface.  Dash is sure that Dr. Holtz has been murdered because of a conversation he overheard Dr. Holtz have in the bathroom about making a great discovery.  But no one on base will believe Dash.  Nina, the base leader doesn't believe him and does everything in her power to make him stop talking about it; including grounding him to his room (and she's not even his parent!). Hmm, that's a bit suspicious, don't you think.  But don't worry; Nina is not the only suspect.

Each chapter begins with a short page from the NASA handout for MBA, making the moon base sound completely awesome, which as we go into that chapter we find out it's the complete opposite.  Readers will enjoy the story.  I didn't guess who did it until the end of the story.  And then there is another twist at the end when Dr. Holtz's discovery is revealed (which I cannot tell you about or it would spoil the story!).  So I'm just going to tell you to check this book out.  Feel free to tell me what you think!

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