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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Iron TrialCallum Hunt is our hero and he is your typical hero in some ways but he isn’t. He has a bad leg and has always been the guy left out. For the most part, I liked Callum. He was fun and silly and just a kid. Callum though is one of the things that bugged me. He had a tendency to be annoying at times and he made some decisions that made me crazy. However, he is a kid and I need to remind myself of that. Yeah, I’m going to know what the correct decisions are, but Callum isn’t going to. So yeah, he made me crazy but he should. I still like him and found him funny. Tamara and Aaron were also a lot of fun. They were good friends for Callum and he really needed friends. Those three worked very well together and made a good team. The plot in The Iron Trial is a lot of fun. The world of magic is pretty cool and a school of magic is always fun. There is always added shenanigans that come along with situations like this and I always seem to enjoy them. The story was enjoyable and it was interesting to see Callum go from hating the world to finding it to be the one place he finally fits in. Now I have to discuss the twist because it was very very good and watching it play out in later books is going to be very interesting. I thought I had guessed it right, but nope I was wrong and I loved that. All in all, The Iron Trial is a good read and perfect for younger readers and is one older readers can enjoy too. Holly Black and Cassandra Clare teamed up and the result was great. I cannot wait for more from this series.

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