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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Skink No Surrender by Carl Hiaasen

Skink No SurrenderIf you know anything about Carl Hiaasen's books, you probably will guess that his new one takes place in Florida with several concerns about ecology. You would be correct. He probably inspired a new genre of fiction - ecofiction. This is Carl Hiaasen's first book for teens. He uses a character from one of his adult book - Skink. Richard finds Skink hidden under sand breathing through a straw sticking out of the sand. Skink is trying to catch a person who is stealing turtle eggs. Skink is one of those compassionate people who does not do things the usual way. He just happens to be a former governor who just wants to be presumed dead. When Richard tells Skink about his missing cousin, Skink steps in right away and is determined to find her. His cousin doesn't want to be sent to a boarding school in cold New England. Instead, she runs away with guy that she met on the internet. She keeps in sporadic contact with Richard and her parents. However, it is Richard that figures out that she is in trouble. They talk in cryptic code in order for him to figure out her location. Richard couldn't have found her by himself. During their mystery adventure, Richard and Skink have time to talk about integrity, evil, books, Sasquatch and skunks. Yes, Richard had to hold a baby skunk to save it from being roadkill. Skink knew that the skunk wouldn't spray Richard. That is just one of the animals that they encounter.

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