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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

All Hail the Queen by Erica David Memory and Magic by Erica David

All Hail the QueenAll Hail the Queen is the first book in the series inspired by Frozen. Disney's Anna & Elsa series is subtitled Sisterhood Is the Strongest Magic. The gates of the castle are opened. Sometimes even a queen needs a day off from everything.  It is the sisters' bond that is so special. The illustrator, Bill Robinson, makes the book sparkle. Even the page numbers are hidden in snowflakes. This helps the reader concentrate on the story - not how much that they have left to read.

Did you notice that Anna comes before Elsa? That helps symbolize the equal bond that the sisters share. You will definitely have Olaf, Sven and Kristoff in this series. The second book in this series is Memory and Magic. Anna believes that memories are the most important things. I know that these books are too easy for most readers, but girls ages six to nine should know about these books. These certainly would be good for read-alouds. Wouldn't these be good for older sisters to read to younger sisters? Wouldn't these be good for cousins who don't have sisters but almost feel like sisters? I just wanted you to know that these new books are available at Roselle Library and that the publisher has promised five books for this series.. Enjoy the magic of Anna and Elsa.

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