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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin

Rain ReignRose is a fifth grader who adapts with autism. She lives with her father who has a hard time on his own behalf. His heavy drinking doesn't help. However, one day he brings home a dog for Rose to comfort her. When the dog gets lost in a severe storm, Rose can't control herself and keeps on asking her father why he would let the dog out during a storm. Rose likes order: prime numbers, homonyms, and especially following rules. The storm dramatically upsets her routine. It is her obsessive determination that helps her devise a plan of action to find the dog.

I shall not refer to all the other outstanding books by Ann M. Martin. This book stands alone as a stellar example of an emotionally intense fiction. You can actually imagine what the dog, the classmates and Rose are feeling. Wow, did I see some great homonyms. There are even triple homonyms. I was impressed by everything in this first-person narrative.

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