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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sidney & Sydney: Big Dog Decisions by Michele Jakubowski

Sydney & Sydney: Big Dog DecisionsSidney and Sydney are back in book 3 of this series.  Sidney is a third grade boy who happens to be in the same class as third grade girl Sydney.  The two have become unlucky friends, as Sidney is into sports and Sydney is into fashion.   However their love of a favorite video game, Galaxy Conquest, ignites a friendship.  In this installment of the series, both kids want a dog of their own and try to convince their parents that they are responsible enough for one.  Of course their parents say no.  So what happens when kids are told no?  They come up with a plan to show their parents how wrong they are!  Sydney brainstorms the idea of starting a dog walking business with Sidney, Gomez and Harley (their other good friends) to show their parents how they can handle the responsibility of a dog.  At first, the business is slow, but suddenly it takes off.  The kids love walking the dogs, until they realize dogs need to be walk every day, regardless of the weather.  Plus their schedules are becoming increasingly busy with basketball, soccer, and play practice.   They need to make a decision as to what are their priorities.  Will they be able to make the right choice?

This is a great series that shows that boys and girls can be friends (girls do play video games).  The colored illustrations in the book add so much to the story.  Each book starts with a brief overview of the characters so that you don't have to read the series in order (although it is fun to do so).  The end of the book gives more insight into each of the main characters.  This time there are questions that each of the characters answers on the topic of pets.  

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