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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Nuts to You by Lynne Rae Perkins

Nuts to YouOne minute Jed is on the forest floor, the next he is soaring above the forest in the claws of a hawk.  Jed uses an ancient squirrel defensive martial art move of Hai Tchree to completely relax his body and slip from the hawk's talons.  Somehow TsTs sees Jed falling from the sky into a faraway area of the forest.  TsTs and Chai, Jed's two best friends, set off to find him and bring him back home.   Along the way, they find that the forest is filled with different neighborhoods and is also in danger.  Humans are clearing trees that are near power lines, thereby destroying their homes.  The two friends find Jed but now have to make their way back home and convince their friends and family that danger is coming to their section of the forest.  Will the others listen to them?

The book has a great theme of friendship, adventure, acceptance of others, and an environmental message as well.  The illustrations add to the story.  The names of the squirrels can be difficult to pronounce at times.  There is also a dialect from another community of squirrels that can be hard to interpret, but it helps if you say these parts out loud.  However, it is a humorous read that made me cheer for the squirrels' success!

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