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Friday, April 10, 2015

Searching for Super by Marion Jensen

Searching for SuperRafter Bailey and his brother Benny have been "hunkering down" in Split Rock.  What is "hunkering down" you ask?  Well it means to hide out, lie low under the radar, etc.  Why are the boys doing that you say?  Well it's because all of their super powers were taken away a few months ago by the supervillainous Joneses.  You see, the boys are super heroes as is their friend Juanita Johnson.  But the kids are getting tired of hiding and want to find their super powers.  Cousin Thimon comes to live with the boys and starts training them to become super, but they have to keep it secret from their parents.  Finally the boys have to include their family and the Johnsons' in their plan to get their powers back when they uncover the whereabouts of the Joneses. 

This is the follow up book for Almost Super, so if you haven't read that one, I'd start with it.  The series is one of those that is filled with positive messages for kids.  I enjoyed how the characters managed their friendships and how important their families were in their lives.  The story also had a great message on how true heroism is working together as a team.

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