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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Titanic: Voices from the Disaster by Deborah Hopkinson

Titanic: Voices from the DisasterDid you know the Titanic sank over 100 years ago?  I am a huge history buff on the Titanic, which is a topic that continues to haunt and thrill most of us to this day.  So when I saw this title sitting on the 2016 Caudill Nominee shelf, I knew I had to read it.  Titanic:  Voices from the Disaster is the retelling of the passengers and crew members' stories that were on the maiden voyage of the luxurious ocean liner.  Author Deborah Hopkinson pieces together the story of that fateful night in April by telling it through the eyes of the survivors.  Their stories are so vividly told that I felt the goosebumps rising on my skin as the Titanic was sinking into the water, leaving the survivors in the freezing surroundings wondering if anyone was coming to their rescue.  Luckily the Carpathia arrived to save them or we may have never learned the true story of the sinking.  The book includes photographs from the ship, timelines and letters from passengers to their families featured in the book to make the story even more gripping.  If you love to learn about the Titanic, definitely put this book on your list to read!

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