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Monday, June 15, 2015

Chomp by Carl Hiaasen

ChompThe star of Expedition Survival, Derek Badger, comes to Florida to film his reality TV show. Derek is so phony.That is not even his real name. Even his fake Australian accent doesn't fool Mickey and Wahoo Cray. The show comes to their house to use their "pet" animals for filming. Mickey had been seriously hit on the head by a dead iguana. The iguana fell out of a tree after a severe frost. Mickey's health has been affected so he can use any money that they get from the show. His son, Wahoo, is a great asset to him and the father-and-son team share some great adventures.

Carl Hiaasen includes just the right amount of characters in this book. Some of their behaviors are so funny and unbelievable. You will appreciate Mickey's and Wahoo's respect for nature and for their fellow mankind. I really like how Mickey and Wahoo stay strong even in crisis mode. I really don't know which one of Carl Hiaasen's book I like the most,  but this one is right up there because of the characters.  Chomp is a great title for this book. Don't miss Scat, Flush, Hoot - all eco-fiction - all set in Florida - all one syllable titles.
Hey, Mr Hiaasen, what's the deal with all the one syllable titles?

*2016 Rebecca Caudill Nominee*

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