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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Hidden by Helen Frost

HiddenI have blogged about this author previously. Helen Frost is the author who wrote Diamond Willow. I knew that this would be another unique book. Both characters, Wren and Darra, are fourteen now. They are at a summer camp in Michigan. Not only does the book capture the spirit of summer camp, it also deals with emotions held on from the past. The characters almost met six years ago. Wren was in her family's van when it was stolen by Darra's father. Wren hides in the van and then has to hide in a garage.

This novel in verse has a wide age-range appeal from nine to fifteen. It includes so much: crime, friendship, summer camp, forgiveness, assumptions. How would you escape from a garage with a skunk and a barking dog lurking around? How can a child love an abusive person? How can sensitive children blame themselves for things that aren't their fault? This fast-paced novel allows time to show how these two children work things out.

* Rebecca Caudill 2016 Award Nominee *

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