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Friday, July 17, 2015

Frank Eistein and the Electro-Finger by Jon Scieszka

Frank Einstein and the Electro-FingerI promised that the next book in the Frank Einstein series would be be coming. Roselle Library has it here now. Grandpa Al's electric bill is skyrocketing. His smart grandson wants to invent a wireless electric generator. T. Edison and Mr. Chimp go around wrecking all the other power sources. T. Edison and Mr. Chimp want a monopoly for their own power plant.

So much is included in this book. Even the ASL's manual alphabet is included because the chimp communicates in sign language. The jokes are silly but that's appropriate because they are coming from the lovable robots, Klink and Klank. Brian Bigg's cartoon illustrations match the text perfectly,  leaving the readers with a lasting impression. You really can't tell how much science is included (even a perfected pea shooter). Many surprises:  police chief is a member of the poetry club, smart ideas Frank Einstein and the robots create... Jon Scieszka promises that the next Frank Einstein will be published in August, 2015 - Frank Einstein and the Brain Turbo!

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