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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lucky Strike by Bobbie Pyron

Lucky StrikeHave you ever felt like an outsider?  Have you ever been picked on at school?  That's just what happens to Nate Harlow and his best friend Genesis "Gen" Beam.  Nate always has bad luck.    Nothing ever seems to go his way.  Gen is super smart albeit socially awkward and doesn't think there is any such thing as luck.  She care about the facts and logic - oh and the sea turtles that return to Paradise Beach, Florida every year.

Nate is celebrating his eleventh birthday with Gen at the Goofy Golf mini-golf course, when suddenly he is struck by a bolt of lightning and survives.  Low and behold, his luck may have changed because he seems to have the Midas touch.  Now he can hit home runs in baseball, dead boat motors start when he touches them and he wins a new truck for his grandfather. Nate gains popularity for the first time and suddenly he starts to turn on Gen, leaving her behind while he hangs out with the popular kids (yup, the ones who originally called him names).  This abandonment forces Gen to reach out for a new friend, another outsider by the name of Chum.  However, Nate discovers that popularity is something that he may not be cut out for or needs.  What will he decide to do?

Lucky Strike has several messages.  1.  Good friends stick with you through thick and thin.  This was supposed to be Gem's and Nate's mantra.  2.  Fancy new things aren't always better than what you have.  I like the changes the characters went through.  Each one grew in some sense, even a minor character who originally bullies the friends.  This is a definite read.

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