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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Honey by Sarah Weeks

HoneyMelody Bishop lives in a peaceful Indiana town. All she has ever known is that town and her father (a teacher). Maybe her father's influence is why 10-year-old Melody loves words and has a special way with words. She can't figure out some of the changes in her father such as being distracted and burning food and often singing the same song - You Are My Sunshine. Melody asks her best friend, Nick Woo, to help solve a mystery. She wants to know whom her father is calling "honey" on the phone.

I will only give you one clue about this book: there is a dog in this feel-good book and it is also ten years old. If this book was written by Sarah Weeks, I should have guessed that there would be a dog in the story. The multiple perspective and multiple generations really make this a wonderful book. The father and daughter characters are so respectful and happy. The ending is so happy, but that's not all. The back of the book has a creative list of 101 colors of nail polish named by Melody. Nail polish, anyone? Yes, nail polish. How awesome is that?  When you are done reading the book, you will appreciate and figure out how Melody acquired her name. Keep a song in our heart and a book in your hand!

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