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Monday, September 21, 2015

Dory and the Real True Friend by Abby Hanlon

Dory and the Real True FriendDory (aka Rascal) has quite the imagination.  She has a monster (Mary), a fairy godmother (Mr. Nuggy), and a villain (Mrs. Gobble Gracker) which only she can see.  She also lives with her mother, father, sister and brother.  Dory is starting school and her siblings insist that she leaves Mary at home this year (Mary was quite the troublemaker in school last year).  On her first day at school, she meets Rosabelle who thinks she is a princess, lives in a castle and owns a dragon.  That night at home, Dory tells her family she met a new friend and that she is a princess who has a dragon.  Of course her family thinks she is making everything up.  Dory tries to prove them wrong but Rosabelle doesn't seem to want to play with her.  Imagination to the rescue!  See how Mr. Nugget and Mrs. Gobble Gracker help Dory make a new real-life friend.

This is the follow up book of Dory Fantasmagory.  Dory is very quirky (as are the other students in her class).  Her made up friends are fun and the sibling relationship is authentic.  The character reminded me of a Junie B. Jones type.  This book would be wonderful for a transitional first or second grade reader who will love the illustrations mixed in with the text.    

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