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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Fort by Cynthia DeFelice

FortWhat did two friends do during summer vacation? They built a fort! How awesome is that? The two friends only see each other in the summer. Wyatt comes up to New York to visit his father. Wyatt's dad let's a boy be a boy. Wyatt and his friend, Augie, respect each other and make their own adventure. Augie's talent as a woodsman impresses Wyatt. Wyatt's creativity and social skills are recognized by Augie.

You will not like how two bullies treat them and a mentally disabled teenager.  To make matters worse, the bullies are older than Augie and Wyatt. You might not like some of the things that were cooked. You will appreciate how special great-aunts and great-uncles can be. They are not so close so they are not always telling you what to do. They give just enough support and guidance to let them figure things out for themselves. It was totally epic. I know - it is hard to wait until next summer!

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