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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Adventures with Waffles by Maria Parr

Adventures with WafflesTheobald Rodrik Danielsen Yttergard
Wow - that is a mouthful. In this moving fiction, he just calls himself Trille. His best friend is his neighbor, Lena. These two nine-years-old friends are in the same class. Imagine - Lena is the only girl. They have so much adventure that Lena has gotten a concussion on more than one occasion. They try to recreate Noah's Ark. You're right. You know something bad will happen. Lena literally can't control herself. It is not that she doesn't have any fear; she just has so much spunk. It is natural for children in Norway to be outside. Many live right by the water or on hills and they really do use ferries to get around from place to place. Norway has huge bonfires to celebrate the longest day of the year. Did I say bonfire? Uh - oh

How does it feel to have a best friend and the best friend doesn't say that you are their best friend? Lena can not stay away from her "best" friend and her home. When she and her mother move, she runs back to her friend. Well, she doesn't actually run - she plods through snow. That's Lena! Never fear. Trille's grandfather and Auntie Granny are watching from afar. There are so many humorous situations  and you can actually sense what these children are going through. You will enjoy the adventures and the waffles. (Shh - don't tell anyone. These adventures are so awesome that the book has become a television show in Norway and the book has been translated into twenty different languages.)

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