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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel by Megan Morrison

Grounded: the Adventures of RapunzelI thought I knew the story of Rapunzel.  You know the girl with the really long hair you can use as a rope to climb up the tower, right?  Wrong!  Megan Morrison puts a spin on the classic tale.  Rapunzel is happy living in her tower.  Witch brings her whatever she wants, tells her great stories and makes bad dreams go away.  That's wonderful, right?  It was until she meets Jack - of the beanstalk fame.  Jack has come to get Rapunzel out of her tower two times, but Rapunzel has no memory of him.  Jack convinces her to come down from the tower on her own free will and leads her to the Red Fairies, who want Witch dead after she tried to kill their leader.  Rapunzel is sent on a mission by Glyph the fairy leader, to find the Woodmother, who will show her another side of Witch.  Jack has made a deal with the fairies that if he helps Rapunzel on her journey, they will help him get out of the mess he is in.  I'd tell you more, but I really want you to read this great tale.

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.  I was happy to find out this is going to be a series.  It is so well written and the characters are so wonderfully developed.  The relationship between Rapunzel and the Witch is conflicting and you slowly see Rapunzel loose her innocence but become a compassionate person.  I even began to root for the evil Witch near the end of the story.  It is a longer book but I truly did not want it to end (so then you know it's good).  There are references to other fairy tales in the story, so I cannot wait to see what Morrison chose for Tyme #2 coming out in 2016.  I hope it is as well written as the Rapunzel story.  This book is probably suited best for 7-8 graders, but adults will also get a lot from this tale too. 

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