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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Concrete Gallery by Chris Everheart

Concrete GalleryWriter in this book means graffiti artist. It was great finding out the special lingo for this urban setting. Every character has their own tag: Exwyzee, Xriss, Dread Sevens. It is the Dread Sevens gang that are relentless to Billy. Xriss does all he can to help her. Her graffiti is so amazing that it is going to be highlighted at an art show. Xriss first met up with Billy volunteering at God's Corner, a homeless shelter. It is located at Ground Zero - a place so bad that there is no hope of fixing it.

The gang is so bad that Xriss can't get a change of clothes to Billy for the art show. Will she ever get to the art show with the Dread Sevens and her abusive father lurking around? What Billy and Xriss go through is real. This book is for readers reluctant to read. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders will get the most out of this fast fiction (you won't believe how wide the margins are). The other books in this Tartan House Series are:
The Alabaster Ring
The Dark Lens
Wolf High
I chose this book because of the author's name. I thought that I knew this author, but the name is spelled differently.  My blood is still boiling over the bullying Billy and Xriss had to endure. The characters are unforgettable. The story was kept real all the way to the end.

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