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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Old Wolf by Avi

Old WolfWhat a difference between "kills" on a computer and death in the wild. Casey is turning thirteen and he learns a lot from computer games. He is a pro at Bowhunter. He also learns a lot from humans and nature. He gets a bow for his birthday. I can believe that he couldn't wait for his father to come home from work to try the bow. The elder leader of a wolf pack is Nashoba. Yes, he has to prove himself. It is the end of winter and all the wolves need to eat. They are depending on him. A raven tells Nashoba where the elk can currently be found.. The elk are in a forest near Casey's home. I am not going to say if Casey hurts or helps the wolf. I will say that the wolf and I remember the advice of the raven.

Wise creatures live by asking questions

Many times elders do know better

Avi gives a steadily rising suspense.
Brian Floca gives pencil illustrations including the wolf with piercing eyes.

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