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Monday, January 25, 2016

Big Bad Detective Agency by Bruce Hale

Big Bad Detective Agency?I have been a fan of Bruce Hale ever since I read his Chet Gecko, Private Eye series.  I just love his humor.  He has a new series now geared toward second to third grade readers that I think you just need to check out.  It features the Big Bad Wolf and Ferkel, the fourth brother of the famous Three Little Pigs (I just love these new twists on the old fairy tale classics!)  The homes of the Three Little Pigs have been trashed (trashed mind you, not destroyed).  So of course, who is the first suspect on the list?  Yep, the Big Bad Wolf.  He claims he is innocent and want to now be called Wolfgang.  The police captain (who is not so bright and good for a few laughs), tells Wolfgang if he can find out who trashed the houses before the end of the day, he will not have to be sent to the dungeon to live out his life and eat porridge (Wolfgang despises porridge; he's a meat eater after all).  Ferkel doesn't believe Wolfgang did it either and joins in the search to find the culprit who did.  Along the way they interview several other Fairy Tale characters such as Jack, Cinderella and Goldilocks  (to name a few fairy tale celebrities).  Will Ferkel and Wolfgang be able to clear Wolfgang of the crime in time?

Fortunately for us, this is the first in the stories.  I am so excited that there will be more adventures of Ferkel and Wolfgang.  If you like mysteries (which I do), love fractured fairy tales (yep), and love to laugh (which I do), this is definitely a new series you should check out!

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