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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Boy's Best Friend by Kate Banks and Rupert Sheldrake

Boy's Best Friend"Moving is fun.  Change can be positive."  This is the mantra Lester Shoe is trying to make himself believe after he and his parents move from Denver to Cape Cod.  Lester is missing Denver because he just doesn't seem to fit in here.  The only good thing he has is his dog, Bill Gates.

Then there is George.  He is a big animal lover and he has a dog too, named Bart.  Kyra, George's best friend, moved to North Carolina and George is having a hard time adjusting without her. Science is one of George's passions (besides Bart).  He notices that Bart always seems to know when he is coming home because he is always waiting for him on the front steps.  He decides to do the same experiment that Rupert Sheldrake, a famous biologist has done.  George emails with Sheldrake throughout the book, leading to more scientific questions. 

Lester meets George but they don't become immediate friends.  Lester decides to join in on George's dog experiment and through those interactions, a friendship slowly starts to develop.

The part about Lester's moving experience and starting over trying to find new friends is very real-to-life.  The emails between George and Sheldrake raise some good questions about science experiments and data.  Rupert Sheldrake is an actual scientist as well as the co-author of the book, so the scientific data is accurate.   To add more to the science aspect of this book, the authors put the boy's data collection from the experiment at the end of the book.

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