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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Harriet the Invincible by Ursala Vernon

New Series

Harriet the Invincible?Do you remember Dragonbreath?
Well, the same author is doing this series, Hamster Princess. The first one is Harriet the Invincible. When a wicked fairy does not get invited to the christening of the princess, the fairy casts a spell on Harriet where she is doomed to a deep sleep when she turns twelve. Instead of a spinning wheel, the curse involves a hamster wheel. Her parents inform her of the curse when she is ten. She figures out that no harm can come to her until then. She actually feels invincible: jumping off towers, cliff-diving, jousting...

Her creativity, smartness and sense of humor guide her. Her love of fractions and checkers are obvious. Her creativity is exemplified by the faithful quail that she rides. Wait until you see how she figures out what to put on the quail to help her climb.

Harriet Hamsterbone - not your stereotypical princess!

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