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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

This Side of Wild by Gary Paulsen

This Side of WildThis book has only five chapters. Each chapter tells about his relationships with animals. For example, a tiny dog that he rescued has a early-warning radar and has different barks for each type of animal that comes near. Paulsen affectionately calls it the "Corkinator". Wait until you read about two coyotes, a rabbit and a horse - all in one place! Paulsen truly believes that animals are smarter than humans. You can actually sense his respect and knowledge of nature. Vivid memories of these animals stay in his heart and mind. A few humorous off-color moments and deeply philosophical questions really make this a thought-provoking book for Sixth graders and older. You might want to go back and read the subtitle again after you are finished reading the book. I finally figured out what it meant.

Paulsen has a lot of cred. His military service and his unique upbringing give him a special perspective. He has lived with nature. He has written over one hundred books.  This one compelled me to stop, think and reflect. He does it with humor and without exaggerating.
He even know Latin - "Interrogatum"
He even admits what he doesn't know - "pee-wadden"

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