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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Roller GirlAstrid goes out with her mom and best friend to yet another evening of cultural enlightenment (ECE).
However, this time it is to a roller derby and Astrid is immediately hooked. Her friend is still into ballet. That is just the start of Astrid changing. This is suppose to be a good summer before she will be starting middle school. Can they always be best friends? Astrid is one of the people who never gives up and is determined to be the best.

 The names of the girls on the roller derby team are creative. We get to know the jammers from the blockers. We see how friends grow apart and change. We see how friends support each other. We even see in this graphic novel how moms support and interfere in daughters' day-to-day activities.
I was completely surprised to see the author in full uniform for her real roller derby team. She might even surprise us again with a sequel! Way to roll!!!!

 * 2016 Newbery Award Honor Book*

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