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Thursday, April 14, 2016

How to Swallow a Pig by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

How to Swallow a PigHow do you like the title? They don't mean for you to swallow a pig. The full title is How to Swallow a Pig: Step-By-Step Advice From the Animal Kingdom. I am proud to announce that I called this book an award winner long before awards started coming out. I disagree with the audience range.  One source mentions that it is only for First and Second Graders. I don't think so. The lexile score is 940. There is something in this book for all ages. Every page is amazing with the appropriate size illustrations:
whales eating thousands of fish at a time
tailorbird actually sewing its nest
paper wasps building intricate nests

Every animal is incredible, but I am totally amazed with the mimic octopus. It was recently discovered in 1998. Researchers have actually seen it turn colors and mimic fifteen different animals (snake, fish, jellyfish ...). This humorous take on animal behavior has additional information at the back of the book. It was updated in January of 2016. A round of applause please for creativity and non-fiction!

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