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Monday, June 06, 2016

President of the Whole Sixth Grade by Sherri Winston

President of the Whole Sixth GradeEleven-year old Brianna Justice has just entered middle school and has already taken on the role of class president (and let me just tell you I would vote for her).  Her first task?  Trying to fund raise money to help the sixth grade go to Washington, D.C.  Not quite an easy task when you are dealing with a tricky seventh grade president and a grade full hormone ridden middle schoolers.

Brianna thought she had everything figured out for middle school and beyond.  After all she has her own cupcake business, three amazing friends, and she is in the advanced classes at school.  But she soon learns that middle school is different than elementary school and her friends begin pull away and get drawn to BOYS.  Plus she begins to rethink what she wants to be when she gets older.  Will Brianna survive all these changes that are happening to her?

Brianna is a truly strong character in this book.  Sometimes so strong that she is not understanding or nice to other characters.  The setting takes place near Detroit, which is an area of the country that has struggled economically and typically not a city a story takes place in.  I found this refreshing.  Plus Brianna is African American who is determined to do well in life and has many interests - baking, journalism, being a leader.  She also has some very involved parents who support her but also hold her accountable.  The book definitely describes experiences that happen daily in middle school relationships, especially as some friendships end and others begin as students are introduced to new people.

Another bonus from this book that it includes some yummy baking recipes at the end of it.  I totally want to try the "Perfect Caramel Apple Cupcakes."  They sound delish!

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