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Monday, June 13, 2016

Stick Cat: A Tail of Two Kitties by Tom Watson

Stick Cat: a Tale of Two KittiesTom Watson, the creator of Stick Dog, has created another stick animal series for all you cat lovers out there.  Adventure number 1 in the new Stick Cat series will have you wondering what your cat does when you are not home during the day.  In this story, Stick Cat and his friend, Edith, live on the 23rd floor in a building in the city.  During the day, Stick Cat and Edith visit with each other through a hole they made in the wall under the sink in the bathroom.  They have their daily routine but today is different.  Typically they listen to the pianos being tuned across the street from their apartment building by a man they call Mr. Music.  Mr. Music plays beautiful songs once the piano is tuned.  But today something strange happens and Mr. Music is trapped under the lid of a grand piano and cannot get out.  Stick Cat knows it's up to him and Edith to save Mr. Music but how can they get across the street to the other building?  Read to find out how they concoct a plan to help rescue Mr. Music.

Even though I am not a cat lover, I did enjoy this book.  Stick Cat is clever  and kind while Edith is the silly sidekick.  Edith keeps complaining she is getting larger and has difficulty fitting back through the holes they make, so I'm wondering if little kitties will be coming in one of the future adventures.  I may be wrong because she may just love her cat food, but it does make me wonder just enough to want to read the next book.  If you'd like to learn more about Tom Watson, Stick Dog or Stick Cat, check out his website.

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