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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pax by Sara Pennypacker

PaxPeter and Pax
Pax and Peter
We get to know their different perspectives with alternating chapters. Pax is a fox that Peter found on the day of his mother's funeral. Pax was an orphaned kit and Peter's father allowed him to "keep it for now". This is five years later and Pax has never known the wilderness. Before going off to war, the father stops the car and makes Peter leave the fox in the wood to fend for itself. Consumed by guilt and responsibility, Peter starts a journey of hundreds of miles from his grandfathers house in order to find Pax. In his heart, he knows that Pax is searching for him. The only assistance he gets is from Vola. Vola has a war story of her own. In the little time that they are together, Vola makes Peter deal with reality and responsibility.
You will notice that this is yet another book that has a library in the story. The library is crucial and serves as a beacon of hope. This book is not just about war - also wilderness, loss and friendship. Sara Pennypacker was very smart not to give any clues as to the place of the war or the year. It's just one more thing to ponder about in this thought-provoking book. Jon Klassen's striking illustrations are unforgettable. This book was just published this year. Pax means peace. "Pax" to all that read this book.

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