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Monday, August 01, 2016

Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan

Save Me a SeatFirst day of school

It's a new school year and Joe knows the drill. Ravi has just moved from India and he is hoping everyone would notice that he has always been number one at everything. He wants to make friends with the other boy who he thought was from India. It turns outs that the boy was a ABCD - American Born Confused Desi. Ravi sits in front of Joe but Ravi assumes that Joe is not smart. Joe has to deal with APD - Auditory Processing Disorder.  The bully and the fifth grade situation are too much for Ravi and Joe. They get to show their own perspectives with alternating chapters. The school year is just starting and they have to get the courage to quickly improve things.

Sarah Weeks has written several books, but I don't think that she has co-authored before doing this book. The other author is Gita Varadarajan. Now they both teach, but neither of them teach fifth grade. Would you want to go to a school where every class sits in alphabetical order by last name? You might notice that ultimately, it is not the parents or the relatives that can fix the boys' problems. I really don't know how I lucked out finding this book. I looked on the new book shelf and there it was - a book about a new school year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The title reminds me of something. Isn't saving a seat during the crazy times of school lunches one of the biggest ways to show friendship and to show just how nice you really are?

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