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Monday, August 15, 2016

To Catch a Cheat by Varian Johnson

To Catch a Cheat The Plan:  Jackson Greene (renowned middle school con artist) and his friends find themselves framed:  someone has created a fake video showing them breaking into the school over the weekend and flooding the bathrooms.  The "someone"  gets in contact with Jackson and makes a deal - the fake video in exchange for a stolen exam.

The Sting:  Jackson Greene is not going to get his reputation tarnished again after he has been working so hard at keeping it clean.  He comes up with a way keep his reputation clear and bring the others to justice. 

The story is concerned with stealing an exam and pulling various tricks in order to accomplish it.  While the story is a bit over the top (I don't know a single middle schooler who could pull this off), it is really a fun read.  The characters are diverse and the relationship issues that happen in this story are true to life.  Both guys and girls will enjoy this story as it is fast paced and is the sequel to the first book entitled, The Great Greene Heist.

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