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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Gone Fishing: A Novel in Verse by Tamara Will Wissinger

Gone FishingThis book hooked me - hook, line and sinker. Sam just wants to spend some time alone with his dad. To his shock, his little sister is tagging along on this fishing trip. Sam already sees that she has been messing with his tackle box. What else could possibly go wrong? With Sam's determination and his sister's spirit this funny adventure keeps on getting funnier.
What a great read-aloud this would make! The poetry does not interfere with the plot; it only enhances it. It is creative and varied.
Do you like poetry with two lines?
You might try couplets.
3 - try tercet and haiku
4 - how about quatrain
5 - you knew there was going to be five - cinquain
6 - no way can there be six.  Yep, sestet
7 - oh yeah, rondelet
8 - how great, triolet

This story is very good, but there are additional surprises at the end of the book. You will not believe how many whimsical line drawings Matthew Cordell (Justin Case series) did for this book. The author and illustrator both live in Illinois. If you see them, please tell them what a creative job they did. In the back of the book is the poet's tackle box - resources and fun facts. Rhyme, rhythm. poetry techniques and poetic forms are included. I hope that when you write a book someday, you will include your own "tackle box" with resources at the end.

              * 2017 Bluestem Award Nominee *

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