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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Slacker by Gordon Korman

SlackerWhen I saw Gordon Korman had a new book out, I just knew I had to read it.  Cameron Boxer lives to play video games.  He would do it 24/7 if it weren't for school and sleep.  He even plays through the local fire department axing down his door because he forgot to take the ziti out of the oven and the house is full of smoke.  His parents are not happy campers and tell him he has to get involved in something other than video games (yet they let him keep his game system - that wouldn't happen in my household).

So Cam creates a fake club for middle school, the Positive Action Group (PAG), in which he is the president.  His friend Pavel posts it on the school webpage figuring no one will notice it.  How wrong they were.  A super-motivated Daphne shows up at his front door (or I mean plywood door since the fire department axed the other one), demanding to be part of the group.  When she doesn't get much response from Cam the slacker, she gets guidance counselor, Mr. Fanshaw, to force Cam to get the group started.  Soon, a class president wannabe, a football player whose on academic probation, a student who needs to do court appointed community service, plus a huge number of other students want to join the club.  Their first club act - help at a senior citizen housing facility with pulling weeds from their gardens.  Cam ducks inside to play video games on his phone but ends up saving an elderly lady's life.  Overnight the club becomes famous and everyone wants to join.

This doesn't sit well with the high school club, the Friends of Fuzzy.  Jen, their leader, wants herself and the club to be in the spot light.  After all, she wants to get into Harvard and can't let middle schoolers ruin her chances.  So Jen leads the group into sabotaging all the good the P.A.G. is doing in the community.  Cam is told that the P.A.G. has to be disbanded, which he is fine with since it frees up his time for playing video games.  However, the P.A.G. has made a difference in the lives of the middle schoolers who recognize it way faster than Cam does.  Their community is being threatened with economic disaster as their highway off ramp is about to be demolished.  Will the P.A.G. come back together to find a solution?  Will the Friends of Fuzzy try to ruin it?

This book is told through the perspective of the various characters.  My favorite minor character is probably Melody, Cam's younger sister.  She is delicious!  Also I like the self-awaking the middle schoolers went through, like Xavier and String. Any fan of Gordon Korman will enjoy his new edition.

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