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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Six Kids and a Stuffed Cat by Gary Paulsen

Six Kids and a Stuffed CatReaders' theater is popular so it is great that you will find a play in the last part of this book. Imagine a severe storm comes up after school. The boys still in the building find their way one by one to the safest place without any windows - the restroom. YIKES  The first one in is a boy with a nose-bleeding gusher (anxiety produced). One of the boys get caught bringing a stuffed cat to school (a coping strategy). Not one boy loses control. The time period occurs only during the storm warning. This book is short and is considered a novella. Gary Paulsen hints at the fine line between being disagreeable and abusive. The boys all add insights and coping strategies. They try to practice deep breathing and saying "It's alllllllll goooooooood".

Gary Paulsen was very astute not to give any adult interference. The children did everything themselves. They did not make fun of teachers, but one boy did a spot-on impression. Gary Paulsen gives all characters an equal voice as witness by the dialog in the play. I would be interested to know if you liked the novella better than the play.

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