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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Weekends With Max and His Dad by Linda Urban

Weekends with Max and His DadPizza, Pizza, Pizza
and more pizza
What's with all the pizza? The spy names are even named after pizza. Max plays Agent Pepperoni and his dad plays Agent Cheese. Max lives with his father every weekend. They truly make the most of their time together and help each other grow with creativity and thankfulness. Max thanks his dad for selecting a box for his habitat project. Max tells his father that he has to do the rest himself or else it won't be his project. You will spy in this beginning chapter book that Max comes up with a better idea than to break into the school where he left his material. You will also notice that he doesn't go out and buy things - he creates and finds what he needs.
Your mission - if you choose to accept it, is to spy:
the words on his dad's license plate.
the porcupettes
your favorite illustration by Katie Kath
This new book was just published in 2016. This is number one in the trilogy. I shall make it my mission to read the other two before you do.

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