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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Finding Wonders by Jeannine Atkins

Finding WondersI appreciate science and I appreciate books. So when both are combined, I get a double bonus. Wait - there's more. It is a story written in verse. How creative is that? I don't know how the author pulled it off, but she did. Actually, verse is the best format that could have been used. You sense more of what the children are experiencing. The title could not have been better. It matches the spirit of science - stop, observe and discover the magic.
Jeannine Atkins didn't have to write this book. She already teaches writing and children's literature. I think that she felt compelled to share the awesome wonder of nature and the accomplishments of these children. What is incredible is that this takes place when superstitions and folklore were passed down through generations. Women were never included in science. Travel around the world was very rare. For women to travel was almost beyond belief.
All three women had their own unique passion:
Maria Sibylla Merian - metamorphosis
Mary Anning - fossils
Maria Mitchell - astronomy
All three shared common attributes:
family support
respect and balance of religion with science
all start with the letter "m"
m m m
magnificent meaningful material

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