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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Not As We Know It by Tom Avery

Not As We Know ItDo you know the feeling when you have a special connection to some books? I had to read this book from the beginning to the very end to find hope. Like the two main characters in this book, my grandfather was a twin and his brother was very sick. Jamie and his twin, Ned, know that Ned is very sick. Jamie is so close to his brother that he stays home to be home schooled with Ned. Ned insists on having one last great adventure. Jamie wants to keep the adventure a secret for Ned's sake.

Ned has always been the bold one. However, they both didn't expect the adventure to include a creature that they found washed up on the shore. They simultaneously name the creature Leonard after Star Trek. The title is from a quote from Star Trek. There are many references to Star Trek, including the dedication. You will see how everyone copes and reacts differently. You will also notice that it is the grandfather who provides special times, stories and wisdom.

Go boldly.

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