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Monday, January 09, 2017

The Sleepover by Jen Malone

The SleepoverMeghan is excited to go to her friend, Anna Marie's sleepover.  Her parents are the overprotective type (her cell phone is a ladybug with only two phone numbers on it, 9-1-1 and home) and she has never made it the whole night anywhere without having to come home.  But she's planning on having an epic time with best friends Paige and Anna Marie, even though Anna Marie's quirky going-to-be stepsister, Veronica is going to join them.

Veronica has bought Anna Marie a hypnotist as a birthday gift.  The girls remember her visiting...and then they wake up the next morning.  The basement is a disaster, there are baby chicks in the bathtub, and oh yeah, Anna Marie is missing!  With the help of Anna Marie's bratty brother, Max and her next door neighbor, Jake (who Meghan has a HUGE crush on), the girls try to piece the night together and find their missing friend before her mom finds out.

I really liked the plot of this book.  It's the tween's version of The Hangover.  It's funny and mysterious all at the same time.  Such a fun read.  Brought back some good memories of sleepovers with my friends.  This will definitely be on my suggestion list the next time someone asks for a good read at the library!

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