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Monday, June 05, 2017

Addie Bell's Shortcut to Growing Up by Jessica Brody

Mystery in Mayan MexicoAddie Bell is 12 and it's her birthday.  You'd think she'd be happy about it but not so much.  Twelve means not having a cell phone, smelly boys and the drama of 7th grade.  Her sister, Rory is sixteen, popular and beautiful.  She keeps thinking that if only she were sixteen everything would be perfect in her life.  Addie is friends with her elderly neighbor, Mrs. Toodles, who is suffering from dementia.  Mrs. Toodles gives her a decorative antique box for her birthday and tells her a story about it how it will grant a wish if you write it down and lock the wish inside the box.  Addie thinks it's an interesting story, but doesn't think it could possibly be true but she does takes the gift home with her anyways.

After she has a big fight with her best friend, Grace, on the night of her 12th birthday, Addie writes down a wish to be 16, locks it inside the box and wakes up the next morning as a 16-year-old teenager.  All of a sudden she wears makeup, has her own car and a new best friend named Clementine.  Oh, and she is also quite popular - she has her own vlog.  However, it's not as easy being 16 as she thought (especially as she has no memory of the past four years).  She desperately misses Grace and tries to make up with her but is it too late?  Will Addie remain 16 or will she be able to turn back time and return to being twelve?

This book reminded me right away of Freaky Friday and the 11 Birthdays, which are books I have always enjoyed.  I had a hard time putting this book down.  Ms. Brody did a great job of showing what middle school and high school is really like with both the pluses and minuses.  Losing and starting new friendships is totally a reality during this age span.  People you have been friends with all your life sometimes drift away from you and you might not always like the person you have become.  It's a definite must read!

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