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Monday, June 12, 2017

Story Thieves by James Riley

Story ThievesBethany is special.  While her mom is a normal, human person, her dad is not.  He is an unknown fictional character, that came out a book that her mom read.  That's how she got her special ability to literally touch the pages of the book and enter the physical world of the story.

Meet Owen, the world's biggest fan of fictional character, Kiel Gnomefoot. He thought his day was going to be normal until he sees his classmate, Bethany, climb out of a copy of a book with chocolate on her fingers.  When he sees that happen, he realizes that he wants to meet his favorite book character ever, Kiel Gnomefoot.  He forces Bethany to take him into the newest title, Kiel Gnomefoot and the End of Everything.  While they are inside this book, he breaks all the rules of book travel.

That's when the good and evil characters come out of the books into the real world.  Uh oh!

Kiel Gnomefoot and his fictional foe, the magister, enter the real world and start to make changes.  When the magister enters the real world, he realizes that maybe he can leave and never return.  That becomes  a fiery problem when the town suddenly has a castle and a dragon wrapped around the walls.

This book is followed by The Stolen Chapters(#2) and Secret Origins(#3).  For fans of the Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer, this is a similar story in which reality and magic interact.

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