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Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunny Side Up by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

Sunny Side UpTen-year-old Sunny Lewin thought she was going to spend summer vacation with her family and her best friend at a beach house. Instead, she finds herself sent to Florida to stay with her grandpa for summer vacation. But Florida has Disney World and the beach, so it won't be so bad, right?

Her grandpa lives in a retirement community with a bunch of other old people. They're nice, but it's just not the summer she was hoping for. Thankfully, Sunny isn't the only kid around. She meets Buzz, a kid whose dad works at her grandpa's community and who is totally obsessed with comic books. The two of them set up a partnership hunting down stray golf balls and use the money they get to buy ice cream and comic books. It's fun, but Sunny is also worried about her older brother, who was acting really strange before she left. Sunny has to learn more about her family's secret, which won't be a secret for much longer.

This book is good for school age readers and deals with some difficult subjects like displaced guilt, secrets, and whether an older sibling's misbehavior is somehow the younger sibling's fault. I'd recommend this for kids who liked Sisters or who like reading books with a slightly more serious subject matter. I really liked it, and the story stuck with me long after I put it down!

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