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Monday, July 10, 2017

Escape from Funland by Bill Doyle

Escape from FunlandEscape from Funland is the second installment of the series about the Talaska family.  They love to enter contests.  The local theme park, Funland is holding a contest to turn a family's home into the ultimate fun house.  Many families have entered, but no one has won the grand prize yet.  The Talaska family is eager to participate in the contest, after all, their beloved house is falling apart.  If they don't win the makeover contest, they will have to sell the house.  Each member of the family has a strength they bring to the table.  Mrs. T is like a human Google search engine, Mr. T rhymes and writes music, Cal is the mastermind behind entering contests, Imo can fix anything and little brother, Bug is a daredevil who speaks his own language (see if you can figure it out - I did!).  Oh, and they have a great dog named Butler who also helps out.  Can the Talaska family work together and win the Funland contest in order to save their home?

Fun book to read about a family who gets along with each other and supports each others quirky characteristics.  I was intrigued by Grandma Gigi.  I'm thinking she'll become more important if the series continues.

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